Destination wedding resort: things to ask before booking
02 January 2021

The big day always comes with big responsibilities. And the wedding venue is one

such big responsibility that comes with the largest expense to the finest details,

which makes the day imperishable. Arranging the big day is indeed a task, but if you

pick the perfect destination then half the work is done. In most cases, people have a

plethora of concepts and themes for the wedding day but to cut short and stick to a

proper and relevant choice is always a dilemma. But this can be effortlessly resolved

by asking the right set of questions. So before signing a contract ensures that it

flawlessly enhance your needs and prerequisites, which includes the budget, overall

plan, extra costs, and considerations.

Luckily, we've created a list of those prime questions you should ask before booking

the wedding venue.

Consider bringing this list of important questions to ask on your site visits.

Is the venue available on the desired date? If not, are there any surrounding dates


If you have a specific date for your wedding, then the availability of the resort on

that particular date matters the most. In such cases make your bookings as early as


What about the overall cost of the locale? Does it include all the additional


Of course, money matters! Make sure you understand each and everything in the

contract and that perfectly suits your needs. Ensure that the overall cost includes the

cost for tables and chairs of your choice and a basic dining facility. If not, be

prepared for the additional expense.

How many hours are counted in the rental of the area? How early can we arrive,

and how late can we stay?

Limited venue access, confusion for your guests, and less setup time are some of the

common problems that usually occur if multiple functions are hosted at the resort

on the same day. So it is always ideal to ask for a complete buyout or the capability

of the workforce to manage multiple events without making any inconvenience.

What is the capacity of the space?

Most venues have strict rules about the capacity of guests it can uphold. Either

consider an appropriate space depends on the number of guests or trim the number

according to the resort. But nowadays there is a profuse of banquets available

depends on the capacity of guests it can accommodate. Just the way Ramada offers

four banquets with guests upholding capacity ranging from 450 to 1500 people.

What about the catering services? Is outside catering allowed?

This is one of the most important questions that you must ask because a wedding is

incomplete without the splendid array of delicious cuisine. To inquire about the in-

house catering services they offer or whether they encourage outside food. But if

you want to keep away all these hassles they go for all-inclusive resorts, which are

undoubtedly convenient and hassle-free.

What are the facilities and amenities it offers?

Before booking your venue check the facilities and amenities it offers. Usually for an

indoor wedding at a banquet already have amenities like a restroom, WiFi, etc but

an outdoor wedding may not have all these facilities. So make sure everything

before signing the contract.

When is a menu tasting done?

So if you opt for the all-inclusive resorts, then it usually has a menu tasting session. It

is essential to mention your priorities about the set of cuisines you want in the

buffet. Clearly mention the dos and don'ts about the arrangements in the catering.

Last but not least, read the contract carefully.

There can be a lot of it but knowing the key factors in the fine print is mandatory.

Because it helps you to compare apples to apples when considering the bottom line

of multiple properties. Check all the included tax and services in the final estimate.

Understand the different payment schemes and the due date for the initial and final

payment. And make an enquire about the cancellation and money back policy.

What I mentioned above are a few questions you can ask before signing a deal. And

if you have other queries don't hesitate to ask them. Because weddings are one of

the most important events in our life, where we start a new life, a new beginning. So

this way you can make your big day special and memorable.