How to integrate sustainability into your event or conference
01 January 2021

Have you ever wondered about the need to go sustainable?

Let's illustrate it with some facts!
According to the reports by the Green Movement in 2019, the waste produced by a typical conference meeting is about 1.99KG per day, from which 1.26KG of that will go directly to a junkyard. When you evaluate that number for 500 attendees over 3 days, you get 2670KG of waste. So before making any changes, we need to know the footprint we're leaving on the environment through our jobs, the events and festivals we celebrate.

Here shows the need to go sustainable and think sustainable!
Well, sustainable means meeting all our needs, without disturbing the ecological balance.

Over a decade, event planners and corporates are prioritized sustainability for their industrial meetings and events. There are various best practices through which we can reduce our carbon footprint. So let's see the best practices to integrate sustainability into your event.

Hire the right place with green credentials
The prior step toward make the event sustainable is by planning your venue for your event. This can be effectively done by choosing the best eco-friendly resorts or banquet halls that uphold the recyclable, adaptable, and sustainable agendas. Ramada Resort by Wyndham Kochi is one among them, renowned for the fully sustainable, eco-friendly, and zero waste orientated banquets it offers. All the cuisines at the corporate events are focused on encouraging the use of vegetarian, vegan, organic, and handmade products that exemplify the touch of sustainability. Depends on the events and the number of attendees, Ramada offers four different banquets namely,

The Royal Club
With a capacity of 450 pax. a perfect venue for business conferences and similar large events.

Synergy Zone
With a capacity of 40 pax. an ideal place for business meets and small receptions.

The Dias
With a capacity of 40 pax. an ideal place for business conferences and corporate dinners.

With a capacity of 1500 pax. a perfect venue for weddings, and get together.

Choose food & beverage that's sustainable
This includes everything from seed to plate. Go for reusable or biodegradable cups and plates if you know your event will have a high waste rate. Ask your caterer about how they compost or recycle organic wastes and kitchen grease. Get an accurate guest count and finalize the amount of food & beverage you need. Don't overdo it. Or in case, if you end up with a plethora of leftovers consider donating it to the needy.

Streamline waste management at your event
Visitors to Ramada resorts will always appreciate its concept of creating sustainable events by minimizing wastes and uphold the Go Green movement. All the events in Ramada resort are arranged on the motto-Recyclable. Adaptable. Knowledgeable. Our goal is to assist the circular economy within the event management zone; from the purchasing and food-making process to keeping products and materials in use and hence by minimizing waste as possible. We always ensure the use of biodegradable cups and utensils and keep volunteers to collect items that are recyclable after the event. The prior factor we focused on managing waste is by placing plenty of recycling bins around and encourage guests to help reduce waste.

Production and Purchasing
Production and purchase are a vital part of any event for making it sustainable and cost-effective. Discuss with the event management team and make a properly mapped out plan. It will not only help you to reduce your footprint and avoid the unnecessary use of resources, but it will save money and you can enjoy a hasslefree event.

Digital World and Sustainability
What about swapping the vinyl banners and printed materials with a digital touch?
Because all those things usually end in conference bins and are not easily recyclable. Use the very idea of digital signage, mobile apps, and LED screens and give your event a sustainability boost. With the play-N-plug facility, 3D mapping, projection, and clever lighting, Ramada promotes all possible ways to create a more innovative, better, and more sustainable experience.

So be confident in partnering with Ramada for hosting your next event. We guaranteed to provide unique experiences for our guests and clients, through sustainable hospitality practices. We are aware that great changes do not occur overnight, but we can start from within ourselves, making a small difference in our choices, serving as an inspiration to build a healthy eco-friendly behavior.