Our lovey-dovey honeymoon in Ramada
03 October 2020

Like every newlywed, I was also eagerly waiting for my honeymoon since our marriage was fixed. Before our marriage, we started planning our honeymoon with an unending list of romantic honeymoon destinations. All I wanted was a beautiful and memorable honeymoon as same as my wedding. Our wedding was in February and we planned our romantic honeymoon in March to the Maldives.

Of course, life doesn't happen according to plans. All my planning and plotting just fade away with the pandemic. I was really heartbroken because it was our first ever trip together after the wedding. The romantic candlelight dinner, couple spa, and adventures everything just disappears. As everyone says, God always has another plan for you. Because on that weekend one of his colleagues suggested the Ramada resort in Kochi and its honeymoon special luxury packages and presidential suites.

If life gives you lemons, then you should take it. And we start replanning our honeymoon in Ramada. Ramada is a 5-star Deluxe luxury backwater resort in Kochi, set within 8 sprawling acres, beside the picturesque lakes of Kumbalam. Nestled in a picture-perfect locale, amidst an ambiance of absolute serenity, Ramada Resort is a haven of leisure for the city-weary soul. Renowned for its award-winning presidential suites, luxury lake view rooms, and the plethora of exotic cuisines ranging from Indian to the Mediterranean.

By giving importance to all our requirements and needs they provide us the most magnificent and luxurious honeymoon lake view suite. The whole suite was beautifully decorated with flowers and perfumed candles. You will never have a dull moment in this resort for sure because every neck and corner there is an art. More than me he was so happy about the pleasing and classy ambiance of the resort. While Jeffrin was impressed by the ambiance and splendor services offered by the Ramada, on other hand I was in love with the world-class culinary they offer. For dining, they offer 4 variety of category namely,

Fennel- which is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers an array of authentic dishes ranging from Indian to the Mediterranean.

The Mexicana- It is a combination of Mexican and Texas cuisine. Known for its full of flavors, the complex and authentic texture on a variety of dishes ranging from grilled steak tacos to Pozole.

Pearl Spot- This was my personal favorite. Here one can explore the richness of the seafood delicacy. An appetizing array of seafood was really an astonishing experience for me. The best part about Pearl Spot was that we can pick any ingredients and can customize the meal depends on our taste.

Club 11 Hundred - Usually both of us have different tastes in everything. One thing that we easily connect is booze. Club 11 Hundred was our favorite which offers a fine selection of liquor, great music, and excellent food. From cosmopolitan to Manhattan the choices were just awesome.

Since it was our honeymoon, they offered us a couple spa and massage, which was really needed to rejuvenate our soul and body. They pamper us well with their spa treatments. They offer a lot of Ayurveda refreshment programs, Panchakarma programs, Skin, and spine care program. In the spa treatment, they use traditional rituals from Thailand, Indonesia, and Europe and using natural products as well. The facilities of the treatment room were also stunning, a water pavilion massage room, a beauty care room, a private herbal bath treatment room, and much more. The prices are quite high, but you relaxed to the bone, then the money is totally worth it. They are also offering a wide range of hair and nail services along with private Yoga sessions which helps in relaxing the mind and balancing the body. An interesting fact about the couple spa is that the oils and other products are harvested by local communities using conventional farming methods keeping the naturality and freshness untouched.

Finally, they surprised us with a romantic candlelight dinner. We were super excited and thrilled to experience such a thing. They have decorated the entire place with perfumed candles and flowers. Completed the whole theme with some sophisticated wine, chocolates, and delicious meals. We spend a great time together. We enjoyed some lovey-dovey moments there, which was actually one of the beautiful and memorable time we had together. The honeymoon did not happen as planned, but it was far better than we expected. It helps us to know each other well, helps to build a strong bond and a passionate love life between us. We packed our bags with a lot of sweet memories and say bye to the Ramada.