The Best Tips For Planning a Destination Wedding During Covid-19
10 October 2020

Like everyone says, marriages are fixed in heaven, but executing such a heavenly marriage on Earth is definitely not a piece of cake. From the wedding venue to the catering each and everything should be picture perfect. But how does it even possible during Covid-19?

What a nightmare!

But no matter what is happening in this world, couples will always get married. This is a fact. So let's list it out how to plan a picture-perfect wedding during Covid-19.

Fix a sensible date for your wedding so that your guests get ample time to make travel arrangements, and for payments.
We know that everyone wants a huge wedding with N number of guests. But precaution matters the most, so go for quality than quantity. So try to arrange a small wedding with people who are most important to you.
Make your mind flexible, in case you will need to postpone your wedding date due to Covid-19, you don't need to feel heartbroken because God always has better plans for you.
It is always a better option to choose an event management group for organizing your big day.
Try to choose resorts that strictly follow Covid-19 protocols.
Don't make it rush. Carefully read your wedding contracts with the hotel or resort before booking because most businesses have changed their terms and conditions since COVID
Go for resorts which customized the package especially for the smaller weddings and also ask for the best offers and discounts which are flexible for you.

If you can get all the above done or adapt, you will have a fabulous stressfree destination wedding. Now let's see how to choose a perfect venue. A perfect wedding starts with a perfect venue. Arranging the big day is indeed a task but if you pick the perfect destination then half the work is done. Wedding destinations range from sumptuous embellished indoor structures to picturesque, romantic outdoor settings. Both options have their own share of advantages and things to take care of.

1. A pleasant weather is an eminent factor
The weather during the occasion matters the most, especially when you're looking for an outdoor wedding. A breezy, soothing climate is the perfect background for a splendid outdoor wedding because it offers a refreshing and panoramic view for the guests. And depends on the weather, go for day events or late evening events. Late evening ceremonies usually call for a captivating outdoor backdrop. And if it is a summer season, then indoor weddings with cool air-conditioned ballrooms provide the most comfortable and smooth weddings.

2. Facilities and amenities
Before booking your venue check the facilities and amenities it offers. Usually for an indoor wedding at a banquet already have amenities like a restroom, WiFi, etc but an outdoor wedding may not have all these facilities. So make sure everything before booking. But if you opt for the renowned and the best resorts just like Ramada resort in Kochi then you enjoy a hassle-free wedding with world-class facilities and amenities for both indoor and outdoor events. Ramada Resort is a 5-star Deluxe luxury retreat set within 8 sprawling acres, beside the picturesque lakes of Kumbalam, in the outskirts of Cochin. Nestled in a picture-perfect locale, amidst an ambiance of absolute serenity, Ramada Resort is a haven of leisure for the city- weary soul. A short 10 km drive away from Cochin, the resort is close to the city, yet far removed from its din and bustle.

3. Wedding theme and decor
If you're looking for an indoor wedding, then the theme and decor can be made spectacular with a traditional, contemporary, or even floral depends on your preference. On other hand, if you opt for outdoor events then minimalism is the key factor. So go for lakeside view resorts or beach resorts which perfectly complement a stunning outdoor wedding.

Weddings are one of the most important events in our life, where we start a new life, a new beginning. So everyone wants their big day to be special and memorable. So Ramada goes to the depth of designing every single detail and ornamenting every moment with the utmost care and professionalism to make your big day a memorable one.