Things to keep in mind when planning your honeymoon
04 January 2021

No matter how busy you are with wedding plannings and shopping, planning your

honeymoon is a must-do thing. Because the honeymoon is a lovey-dovey moment

that every newlywed are eagerly waiting for. A perfect time to build affection and

love, a chance to unwind and enjoy quality time with your loved one. How to plan

my honeymoon is always an interesting topic to discuss. It always includes a plethora

of queries and confusions.

How long should the honeymoon be?

How do I choose my honeymoon destination?

What should you not do on your honeymoon?

When would the best time be to take your honeymoon?

So the questions are endless, but no worries!

We have a bunch of all-in-one honeymoon planning checklist that includes useful

honeymoon planning tips and travel hacks which are perfect for all the newlyweds

who are eagerly looking for their honeymoon.

1. Plan the honeymoon together

Planning together for the honeymoon boost the compatibility between couples. It is

the best way to understand the likes and dislikes of each other. Make a checklist

according to the preference. Give equal involvement in planning and execution. If

you're a travel junkie and your better half also have a fascination for adventures

then you can choose an adventurous spot for your honeymoon.

2. Choose the perfect destination

Choosing a perfect honeymoon destination is quite overwhelming and confusing.

First, figure out what kind of honeymoon you both are looking for. Ask questions. Do

you like beaches, skiing, hiking, exploring big cities? Or something really close to

nature away from all the hustle-bustle? And make a list of possible destinations

according to the above preference and finally narrow your wishlist and pick the most

convenient destination for your dream honeymoon.

3. Don't let the photographs bluff you

Never choose a destination nor a resort only by seeing the photographs, maybe the

reality is far from the pictures. So always seek reviews and opinions from people

who have been there before. There are plenty of misleading promotional images out

there, and you don't want to fall victim to that and be disappointed when you arrive!

4. Fix a budget

Sit together and fix your budget and plan accordingly. Look for all possible options to

save money. Compare and choose the best resort which offers affordable

honeymoon packages. Be aware of the hidden costs. Sometimes visas, airport

transfers, and resort fees charge additional costs depends on the season and

package. So always make sure you understand what is included in the cost of your


5. Plan a perfect itinerary

Customize your honeymoon and choose the itineraries according to your interests.

Plan out activities as per your health and fitness. Take out enough leisure days to

spend some quality time with each other apart from the days assigned for

sightseeing, shopping, and other activities. And also confirm the reservations before

you start the journey.

6. No need to leave for the honeymoon straight away from the wedding

After a splendid wedding, the bride throws the bouquet to the bridesmaids and

happily goes for their honeymoon. Wake up! This happens only in movies, but the

reality is something else. After your big day, you must be tired, exhausted, or feel

hydrated. So giving yourselves some time to catch your breath between the big

ceremony and the honeymoon. Take 2 or 3 days rest, get proper sleep, and make

your soul and body completely ready for the trip.

7. Check the weather

Make detailed research about the destination of your choice. Check the climate

condition, whether it is soothing or not. If the climate is unseasonably hot, a cold

snap, or bucketloads of rain then the honeymoon may end up in something terrible.

So check for the best time to visit the destination and book the package and

itineraries accordingly.

8. Accommodation Matters

The right choice of accommodation is one of the eminent factors which makes your

honeymoon memorable and mesmerizing. Ranging from luxury resorts to

honeymoon suites, and beach villas you can easily pick your accommodation

according to your budget and requirements. While choosing, look for the

convenience of the location, the shops nearby, transportation time, and also the

facilities they included in the package. Even some resorts include couples spa and

candlelight dinners in the package.

These honeymoon planning tips will surely make you have the best time with your

better half. Cheers to you both!