The season to be jolly, Holy and everything nice and merry is nearing soon and we can’t hide our excitement for it!.

Granted we have a few more months before it is officially Christmas, but for the season enthusiasts who can’t just wait to start the preparation to welcome the Holy season we have the cake mixing ceremonies that let the few Christmas nerds to mark that the season has officially begun…

What is a Cake Mixing Ceremony?

For those who might be unfamiliar with this popular Christmas tradition, let us take a trip back to the middle ages, 17th Century to be exact, towards Europe… Preserving food was a bit of a task during those days when the modern refrigerator systems were not invented yet, so as a means to have healthy and good Christmas cakes, dried fruits and nuts once mixed with flour and eggs were soaked into wine or other alcohol well ahead in time (probably a month or 2 before) ready to be baked when Christmas comes. This tradition also marks the arrival of the harvest season.

What began as an intimate family affair that symbolizes unity and hard work, is no longer restricted to Christian families alone. The tradition spread across the world being passed over from generation to generation, and now major hotels host such ceremonies as a means to bring people together and pay tribute to the elder generations. You can take a look at this video and see the fun take on the cake mixing ceremony.

Now the cake mix is preserved meant for to be used in a few weeks or months, but back in the day some used to preserve the same for the next season as well with alcohol being a very good preservative, they had a strong belief that the preserving the cake mix for an year can attract good luck and harmony.

What goes into the Cake mix

From dried fruits that include raisins, figs, cherries to almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, and even spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, dried ginger are mixed in the right ratio with eggs, sugar and all purpose flour. They are then soaked in rum, brands, wine or a combination of fruit juices and alcohol and placed in airtight containers allowing the flavor and aroma to be well absorbed.

And so we now have discovered what makes Christmas cakes stand out from the rest.

Whether you savor it during festive celebrations or share it with cherished company, Christmas is incomplete without a delicious fruit cake or plum cake, as they are a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation. So this Christmas when you bite into the slice of scrumptious delicacy savor the rich, intricate flavors that emerge from this meticulous process, a true embodiment in the artistry of cake-making.

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