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The things which make me feel excited and alive is food. And being a Malayali the very first thing that came into my mind about food is fish, coconut, and beef. Food and travel is the one thing that goes hand in hand. But due to the pandemic situation both my passion comes to a full stop. But luckily, I have someone special who is a super foodie like me, Jewel. We both are hardcore fans of fish, coconut-based curry, and banana chips. So when we did of eating homely food we go out in search of authentic multi-cuisine. One such fine day he sent me a social media post about one of the renowned resorts in Kochi called Ramada resort and the delicacy of its multi- cuisines. Without any second thought, we decided to go there to explore their exotic flavors.

Ramada is a 5-star Deluxe luxury backwater resort in Kochi, set within 8 sprawling acres, beside the picturesque lakes of Kumbalam. Nestled in a picture-perfect locale, amidst an ambiance of absolute serenity, Ramada Resort is a haven of leisure for the city-weary soul. Renowned for its award-winning presidential suites, luxury lake view rooms, and the plethora of exotic cuisines ranging from Indian to the Mediterranean. While Jewel was impressed by the ambiance and splendor services offered by the Ramada, on other hand I was in love with the world-class culinary they offer.

Apart from a normal multi-cuisine restaurant, Ramada offers 4 variety of category which show its uniqueness and richness even in the decors and furnishings. We first start with Fennel.

Fennel is a which is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers an array of authentic dishes ranging from Indian to the Mediterranean. Fennel enables its guest to tantalize their senses through the visual treat of a live interactive kitchen. It exemplifies the subtle flavors of Continental cuisine to the spicy delights of Indian fare. There is a splendid array of dishes in the buffet and we choose Mas huni, which is basically a smoked fish with grated coconuts and onions. It is a typical Maldivian breakfast with Tuna, Onions, herbs, chilies, and which is normally eaten with Rotis and sweetened hot tea. It has some authentic flavors. Not too complex or masala one, a simple elegant breakfast which is perfect to start a day.

Actually, we took 2 days off from work and booked a spectacular stay in Ramada. Sounds crazy! because for everyone else to go on a trip just to explore the cuisine is something insane. But for a foodie like us, it�s a different feeling. Ramada has its own signature dishes in Tex Mex cuisine.

The Mexicana
It is a combination of Mexican and Texas cuisine. Known for its full of flavors, the complex and authentic texture on a variety of dishes ranging from grilled steak tacos to Pozole. The contemporary decor with the vibrancy and elegance of Mexican furnishing with live kitchen experiences provides a great ambiance for the guests. Apart from tacos I never tried any Mexican. They suggested Pozole, it’s a traditional soup made with meat seasoned and garnished with shredded lettuce or cabbage, chile peppers, onion, garlic, avocado, and limes. This was something that I really want to try again.

After a refreshing spa, we were looking for something exciting and then we found Club 11 Hundred.

Club 11 Hundred
Club 11 Hundred was our favorite which offers a fine selection of liquor, great music, and excellent food. From cosmopolitan to Manhattan the choices were just awesome. It offers the perfect twosome of deliciously spicy food and booze. The classic touch of recessed lightings and the flawless blend of music offers an enthralling ambiance for the guest. With a perfect touch of Bloody Mary and Martini, we finished our dinner at Ramada.

Ramada also offers a spectacular range of seafood delicacy. But unfortunately, we couldn’t get the chance to try it.

Pearl Spot
The pearl spot offers the richness and delicacy of a wide variety of coastal food ranging from Pomfret Gravy to Squid Rawa Fry. The pearl spot offers an open kitchen facility which makes the whole dining experience more interactive and cheerful with great presentations and cooking skills. The picturesque view of backwaters and the soothing climate along with the appetizing food offers a great aura for the guests.

For all the foodies, Ramada resort offers the most yummylicious gourmet dishes which tantalize your palate with an exotic flavor.

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